Somedays​ You Just Feel Like a Pathetic Failure of a loser

Originally, this was supposed to be a different post about Brian Hull and his struggles about going viral and getting to where he is now along with giving my take on Spider-Man being taken back by Sony. It was one I was really looking forward to, but after waking up this morning and getting some … More Somedays​ You Just Feel Like a Pathetic Failure of a loser

Being the Original Disney Fan in High School Circa 2006

Back in 2006, I entered my freshman year of high school, something I was wholly unprepared for, more so than other teens my age, due to my autism. To say I was socially awkward would be like saying in Star Wars Chewbacca is Han’s copilot aka obviously, duh. All my life to that point I had … More Being the Original Disney Fan in High School Circa 2006

Being Who You Are in a World That Places so Much (too much?) Value on Accomplishments

In a world where a person’s value seems to be placed solely on their accomplishments (GPA, number of after-school activities, the university they are/were attending(ed), career, money in their bank account and more), it often seems difficult for an individual to simply be themselves. This is because parents and those around them tend to use … More Being Who You Are in a World That Places so Much (too much?) Value on Accomplishments

Talking About Autism

What it is and what it isn’t Autism, it’s something many of us have heard about countless times with its walks, runs, awareness month and more dedicated to it. It’s also something I touched on during my recent interview with John Wilcox, creator, and co-host of the Nerdherder Podcast. Normally his wife Megan ironically enough, … More Talking About Autism

Thoughts on Time

Time, it makes up our entire lives even before we’re born. It takes time to grow before emerging into the world and managing it is a skill we need to learn in order to make it through school and in life overall. It can bring with it both good things (births, graduations, and career success), … More Thoughts on Time

My Experience Being a Guest on Nerdherder Podcast

The Lead-Up Nervous as anything, especially as the day draws nearer. Now that the day is finally here, my heart feels like it’s going a hundred beats a minute and my hands are shaking enough to make typing this slightly more difficult. To be perfectly honest, I’m not really comfortable vocally (in the form of … More My Experience Being a Guest on Nerdherder Podcast

Graduation Look Back One Year Anniversary Edition

Hey guys! It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost one year since I finally graduated college with my Bachelor’s Degree in Literature and Writing. While I wish I could say that a lot has changed since then, such as me getting a job, sadly that just isn’t true. I’m still looking, still applying, and … More Graduation Look Back One Year Anniversary Edition

Life is Picking Up

Wow. My life recently. First I learn that next years’ Star Wars Celebration is happening just up the freeway from me in Anaheim, then Nerdherder reaches out on twitter asking for help with an animated opening for the YouTube version of their show. I and one other person respond. While they ultimately went with the … More Life is Picking Up

Trying to Stay Relevant in Today’s Fast-Paced​ World, Curse Words in Disney Movies, and More

In today’s modern world where everything seems to move at the speed of light and the days feel like they pass even faster, it seems almost impossible for podcasters, bloggers, YouTubers and the like to keep up with our constantly moving world. Even as we sleep at night, the news is still happening and stories … More Trying to Stay Relevant in Today’s Fast-Paced​ World, Curse Words in Disney Movies, and More

Well That Happened

Well, this (last evening by the time you read this) evening happened. I went on my first date since high school and…yeah, the picture above is pretty much me, being polite and awkwardly smiling and laughing the whole time. While he was a complete gentleman and checked all my boxes on paper, in reality…..Well, I … More Well That Happened

Virginity in the Media

    Without even watching the three-hour premiere of the sickeningly hit show The Batchelor, I heard and saw enough about the promos and such to get the idea behind this season. It’s all about how 26-year-old Colton Underwood is still a virgin. Ideally, in today’s society, this should be a non-issue, not something the media … More Virginity in the Media

Dating Sites

    Hey everyone, how is the new year treating you? Great, I hope. For me, I’ve recently signed up on a dating site in order to help meet someone around my age I can relate to. If nothing else, I hope to meet a few good people. Currently, I’m talking to one guy who … More Dating Sites

One Day At a Time

    Hey guys, I’m back. I hope you had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Somehow we all made it to 2019. I’m interested to hear what you all did over the season and what you’re doing, now that the festivities are sadly over and time is marching ever onward. For me, I’m … More One Day At a Time

Figuring Out My Life

Feeling Helpless and Hopeless, Yet Knowing When and Who to Ask For Help. As I write this, I’m struggling with feeling helpless and hopeless (as the subtitle implies), with everyday of my life that goes by that I’m not doing something useful. Sure, I could volunteer places, but it still wouldn’t accomplish my ultimate goal … More Figuring Out My Life


Even after looking for a job and sadly not being hired anywhere after roughly six months, logic tells me to simply give up and settle with whatever job I can get despite my bachelor’s degree in Literature and Writing. My determination, however, tells me not to give up…well, that and James Arnold Taylor’s podcast. For … More Determination